The Canandaigua Community Program serves families who live in the Canandaigua School District. Babies up to 36 months of age can receive a free “bundle of books” and our Parent Guide, which contains tips for reading to babies and young children. Age-appropriate books for siblings through age 7 are also provided.

Budding Readers also gifts a new book three times each year to each UPK, Kindergarten and First Grade student at Canandaigua Elementary School.  In addition, each of their teachers received a pack of eight books to use in their classroom.

The Canandaigua program was started by Ann Hedges, a retired teacher from the Canandaigua School District. Ann, with the able assistance of Martha Schwartz, a retired Honeoye School District teacher, dedicated five years to creating and nurturing the Canandaigua program. Martha Schwartz then led the program for another two years.

The program is currently coordinated by Linda Collins, a retired teacher from the Victor School District, who lives in Canandaigua, again with assistance from Martha Schwartz.

Want to learn more about the Canandaigua Program?

Want to request a bundle of books? Use this link.

Contact Linda: (585) 747-2223, or


Wood Library Canandaigua

134 North Main Street

(585) 394 – 1381

Mon – Th: 9am – 9pm
Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 1 – 4pm
(Except at holiday times)

They always have a good book waiting for you!