Program Changes

There is a significant change for both our Canandaigua and Victor Community programs. Now any child 36 months of age or younger who lives in the Canandaigua or Victor School District communities is eligible to receive a bundle of books.

The Canandaigua Community Program has operated since 2012, and the Victor Community Program since 2017. However, bundles were restricted to families who received WIC (Women, Infants & Children) services through the Canandaigua office. This restriction guaranteed that books were going to low-income families. In our earlier years we were not confident that we had sufficient funds, books, and volunteers to support and sustain unrestricted bundles in those communities. We are now able to do that!

Books Gifted To Date

Budding Readers has gifted more than 88,000 books to enable parents to read to their babies and young children……and the counting continues!

Book Grants

Ongoing grants for high-quality new books have been awarded to Budding Readers by First Book National Book Bank. We are grateful to receive these books and to be able to give them to our Budding Readers families.


We, like others, have had to adjust. Some of our largest programs are still restricted due to COVID.

We have found some wonderful new places that are thrilled to receive books for the children and clients they serve. Some examples are:

Saints Place – in Pittsford. They serve new immigrants. They provide clothing, set them up in apartments, and tutor both adults and children in English. Our first batch of books was used by Afghan refugees; the second is being used by Ukrainian refugees.

Babies With Books – Galisano Children’s Hospital. We provided books for the NICU so that families could participate in the Annual International NICU Read-a-thon.

YWCA of Rochester – Books are being used in their Mommy & Me Literacy Program for low-income women in Rochester.

Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes – in Canandaigua. CACFL provides safe and confidential services for children who have been physically and/or sexually abused.

Attica Prison – Family Visiting Room – There was not a single children’s book to busy or entertain children while they visited an incarcerated family member. Now there are many.

Ronald McDonald House – Books for children and families to enjoy while they are staying away from home, but close to a hospitalized family member.

Books for young school children in Rochester – books were gifted to School 54, and School 33 (in partnership with the Victor-Farmington Rotary). Books were also given to Maggie’s Place on Joseph Avenue for after school tutoring.

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