Program Changes 

The age of eligibility for babies to receive bundles of books has increased.  In all of our communities, babies 36 months of age and under can now receive a free bundle of books.  Prior to this, the cut-off age for eligibility was 24 months.  More books for more babies!

We have a new partnership program, Family Promise – Ontario County. Family Promise is a nationwide program serving homeless families, working to get them gainfully employed and into their own housing.  They were new to Ontario County in 2018.  Budding Readers provides a “bundle of books” for each child, ages birth to 11, once the family is settled into their new home.  We are happy to be supporting their work and wish them great success!


We, like others, are working to find new ways to accomplish our mission given the restrictions of the COVID pandemic.  We have books and want to get them into the hands of parents and young children, especially since schools staying open is uncertain.  If you have ideas to share, contact us at  We have always prided ourselves on our personal, individual approach, which unfortunately is not a good fit with COVID.


Budding Readers is now Budding Readers, Inc.
We are now an independent 501-c-3 charitable organization.

We spent our first eleven years under the umbrella of FLACE (Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment) operated by Canandaigua National Bank and Trust.  With guidance from attorneys at Barclay Damon, we became “incorporated”, a 501-c-3 charitable organization, and tax-exempt in New York State.  We are grateful to both FLACE and our attorneys at Barclay Damon!

Books Gifted To Date

Budding Readers has gifted more than 78,000 books to enable parents to read to their babies and young children……and the counting continues!


We are proud and pleased each time we secure additional grants to help us purchase beautiful new age-appropriate books for the children and families we serve.  Grants of money are cherished, as are grants of new books!

Monetary Grants – 2021

Canandaigua National Bank

MVP Health Care

Book Grants

Ongoing grants for high-quality new books have been awarded to Budding Readers by First Book National Book Bank.  We are grateful to receive these books and to be able to give them to our Budding Readers families.

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