The following pages contain a variety of materials. Pick what interests you and enjoy! They are generally sorted by age bracket; a few appear in more than one age bracket. Feel free to explore them all! The contents of this page span several age brackets. There are:

1. Educational articles.

2. Videos to help you get the most out of your reading time with your child at each age level; infant, toddler, and preschool.

3. Checklists to help you evaluate your child’s progress.

4. Bundle request form to request a bundle of books online.

If you read just one book a day to your child, they will have read 1825 books by their 5th birthday.

Every Day Counts ———- Every Book Counts

Click the title “Goodnight Moon” to watch astronauts in space reading the book.

Infants through preschoolers enjoy rhymes and finger play games. Check out our samples, from Peek-A-Boo for young babies to Wheels on the Bus for preschoolers. Ham it up and have fun!

Milestones of Early LiteracyBirth to 7 Years

How your child should be progressing with literacy skills and what you can do the facilitate the process.

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