Bloomfield – How It All Started…

After many years as a reading teacher in Bloomfield, Elizabeth Mosher saw a real need to encourage a love of reading long before children start school. In fall 2007 she received a grant from the Wayne Finger Lakes Teachers’ Resource Center to fund her dream, “Bloomfield’s Budding Readers Program”. Elizabeth’s idea was to start at birth and bring all the materials needed to grow a reader right to the parents’ door. Since then the program has blossomed, reaching many new parents and their babies.**

In 2009, leadership of the Bloomfield Program passed to Ann Rosati, a retired colleague from Bloomfield Elementary. Ann devoted more than six years nurturing both the Bloomfield Program and the overall Budding Readers Program.

**Early donors who helped keep the momentum going were The Grant Fund and The Spindler Family Foundation.

Bloomfield Today

The Bloomfield program is currently coordinated by Elizabeth Mosher and Linda Farrell, both retired teachers from Bloomfield Elementary. The program provides a free “bundle” of books for babies under 36 months of age, and our Parent Guide, filled with tips on how to cultivate children’s listening, speaking, and reading skills. Books for siblings through age 7 are also included.

Budding Readers also gifts new books to take home three times during the school year for each UPK, Kindergarten and First Grade student at Bloomfield Elementary. In addition, each of their teachers is gifted a pack of eight books to use in their classroom.

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