Budding Readers has partnered with F. F. Thompson Hospital since 2012. Pre-pandemic, our volunteers attended all in-person birthing classes at the Hospital to talk with expectant parents about the importance and joy of reading to their infants as a part of their daily routine. Each new family was given a “bundle of books” to get them started. During the pandemic, when classes were offered over Zoom, our bundles of books were offered to the expectant parents, if they picked them up at the hospital.

Thompson Hospital has now offer birthing classes using a self-paced video program, InJoy. Budding Readers is so pleased that InJoy will enable us to continue providing this educational role as well as gifting new books to each family. What a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s learning right from the start! We are proud to be part of your preparation for having a child.

Since July 2012 we have gifted more than 852 bundles of books to new families in more than 200 birthing classes!

If you are or have participated in a Zoom or InJoy childbirth class through F. F. Thompson Hospital, follow this link to request a free bundle of books for you and your baby.

Questions or Inquiries?
Contact: Tam Spitzer
Phone: (585) 900-1725
Email: books@buddingreaders.org.

Even babies in the NICU enjoy a good story!

Even NICU babies enjoy a good story!

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

– Eda J. LeShan