Budding Readers has put more than 34,500 books into the homes of Ontario County children!
Donations to Budding Readers Can now be made online!

2013 - 2017: Budding Readers gifted more than 700 new books each year to entering kindergarten and UPK students in our communities.
Donations to Budding Readers can now be made online!
2017: We partnered with Healthy Families Ontario County. They work with at-risk families to improve birth outcomes, promote positive parenting, prevent abuse/neglect and improve school success. We will provide age-appropriate books and educational materials for their staff to use with their clients.
 Annual Newsletter
February 2017
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May 2016
Grants 2016-2017: Grants were received with gratitude from:
   CNB (Canandaigua National Bank) Community Grant
   Ronald McDonald House Charities
   ESL Charitable Foundation
   Spring Hill Fund
Budding Readers Benefits from Ongoing Book Grants
Ongoing grants for high-quality new books have been awarded to Budding Readers by The Lisa Libraries and First Book National Book Bank. We are grateful to receive these books and to be able to give them to our Budding Readers families.
First Book, founded in 1992,  has given over 160 million books to programs and schools serving children from low-income families in 30 different countries.  They operate full-time in the US and Canada, reaching approximately 3 million children each year!
The Lisa Libraries, founded in 1990, has given over 375,000 books to nonprofit organizations serving children in under-served areas across the country.    


Summer 2016: We gave over 800 books to children participating in Library and school summer reading programs in our 7 communities.
Holiday Gifting: We regularly supports local organizations in Canandaigua, Midlakes, Naples, and Honeoye by providing new children's books that are included in holiday baskets gifted to local families.
Charlie's Kids Foundation: We are committed to assist Charlie's Kids to spread the word about safe sleep practices and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) prevention. Their board book (Sleep Baby, Safe & Snug) is included in newborn bundles in our communities, at Thompson birthing classes, and for newborns we meet at WIC.  Grants supporting this effort have come from Kyrias Foundation, Inc and Ronald McDonald House Charities.